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Reports and Fees

Clayton Shultz & Associates (CSA) makes full use of technology to produce reports and opinions that maximize the value of its services to the client. Reports, and frequently documents, are delivered not only in hard copy but also electronically and on a CD-ROM in secure word searchable Adobe format, greatly facilitating communication between instructing counsel and their clients.

CSA ordinarily charges on the basis of the time spent on the client's affairs and hourly rates varying between $75 and $300 an hour depending on which member of our team provides the services and the nature of the services provided. Data entry and the routine clerical functions are charged at rates between $50 and $75 an hour. In addition to time charges, CSA invoices GST together with actual out-of-pocket disbursements.

At the outset of an assignment, CSA sends a letter of engagement to the client setting out the objective of the engagement, reporting protocols, methodology intended to be followed, delivery date, and fee structure. When possible, an estimate of the expected cost is provided. Reports are delivered in draft form and clients are consulted as to the factual underpinnings, and the conclusion reached and opinions given.

In the absence of special arrangements, CSA requires a deposit of approximately one third of the budgeted fee and the balance and upon delivery of the report. Engagements lasting more than one month are invoiced monthly and payment is required within 15 days of the delivery of the invoice. Given that many of our engagements are of a highly confidential nature, CSA provides a generic invoice for use as a voucher by the client's account payable department together with a detailed explanation of the specific services performed and the time charged for the private files of the individual to whom we report.

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