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  1. Expert Evidence in the Supreme Court This article, co-authored with Allan McDonnell, and was published in the March 1988 issue of the Advocate, the journal of the British Columbia Bar. Although written some years ago, the principles discussed remain relevant. It is reproduced with permission.

  2. Arbitration and Mediation Primer This paper is the is the text of a paper given to the Credit Granting Professionals of the Lower Mainland. It is a of arbitration and mediation methods, purposes, and methods. It will be of interest to persons and their advisors considering a resolution of a dispute who are unfamiliar with these processes; their advantages and limitations.

  3. Issues Concerning The Specialist Arbitrator is a paper focusing on the extent to which arbitrators selected for their specific expertise may properly rely on their education and experience in conducting proceedings and preparing their awards.

  4. Securities litigation support is an important aspect of our business. We have developed the capability to provide opinions in a timely, cost-effective manner in this complex area of litigation.

  5. "Valuation Issues in Licencing" is the text of a paper given by Clayton at a course offered by the Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C. ("CLE") on April 12, 2002. The paper is somewhat elementary for those knowledgeable about valuation issues, but it does touch on valuation problems peculiar to high-tech companies that have not yet proven their economic viability. Other papers given at this seminar can be accessed at www.cle.bc.ca

  6. Transparency in the Professions (Intro) This paper is an updated version of one given to the Executive Directors and Registrars of Professional Associations of British Columbia. It addresses the issue of disclosure of the disciplinary processes of some of the medical and liberal professions in the province.

  7. New Rules of Court for Experts in BC
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